REHLATY aims to ignite UAE women's passion for travel in build-up to Emirati Women's Day 2021

Dubai, UAE, 26 August 2021: REHLATY by dnata Travel, the unique travel brand designed by Emiratis for the Emirati traveller, is revealing its upcoming plans to ignite women’s passion for travel across the UAE in the lead up to this year’s Emirati Women’s Day, including new all-women group travel itineraries for 2021, in the wake of increased demand.

REHLATY, part of the dnata Travel Group, launched in 2019 to introduce a home-grown brand dedicated to creating bespoke travel itineraries based on the needs and wants of Emirati travellers, including unique holiday packages and experiences tailor-made for Emirati women. From the team of Emiratis behind the brand, 60% are women, with a mission to support the Emirati traveller community in exploring the world, with ease, safety and unforgettable experiences front-of-mind.

In the build-up to Emirati Women’s Day 2021 on August 28, the brand is revealing its most popular itineraries for Emirati women travellers in 2021 so far, which are continually developed to cater to evolving travel preferences, whilst also announcing new, upcoming group trips designed exclusively for ladies only, to meet a growing demand for group travel.

Rehab Mansoor, General Manager at REHLATY by dnata Travel, commented: “As Emirati women become more travel savvy and curious, we are witnessing ongoing trends towards more women travelling, and more frequently, from the UAE to an enhanced range of destinations worldwide, with particular growth in solo travel itineraries and travel with friends.

“Over the last decade, the needs of Emirati women travelling, as well as the opportunities that exist to make travel safer, more comfortable and inclusive, have evolved significantly whilst research demonstrates that women often serve as key decision makers for family holiday bookings. We look forward to igniting women’s passion for travel further as we see more destinations open up for tourism, and we add new ladies-only group trips for the remainder of 2021, as we in turn celebrate this year’s Emirati Women’s Day.”

Since REHLATY’s foundations in 2019, the company reports that more than 50% of its travel bookings have been made by women. In order to meet a growing demand for group itineraries with this traveller segment, the brand established a new range of pre-arranged all-women group trips in 2021, including adventure itineraries covering the best of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE and Kenya, Africa.

Rehab Mansoor continued: “We have added additional ladies-only group trips to our selection of travel itineraries for 2021 to cater to demand, including a safari journey in Kenya and a ‘winter wonderland’ themed trip to Finland. Our popular group travel packages provide the opportunity for excellent rates and no hassle in planning, as our Relationship Managers design end-to-end experiences, down to the smallest of details.

“Emirati women travellers enjoy booking travel with REHLATY as their dedicated Relationship Manager, also an Emirati woman, will take the time to understand their needs. We ensure that our partners on the ground provide safe accommodation and experiences, and in some countries we offer women tour guides, including in Russia, an increasingly popular destination to explore from the UAE. We design experiences that resonate from selecting the right hotels, to recommending the best or most ‘Instagram-friendly’ restaurants and experiences.

“In 2021 so far, on top of a range of holidays with family, most popular with Emirati women travellers are trips with friends to the Indian Ocean islands of the Maldives and Seychelles, the Greek isles and Bosnia. Kenya is also popular for both group and solo itineraries for women, who trust the expert advice and insights from the REHLATY team, particularly when booking more adventurous or off-the-beaten-track itineraries.”

For more information on REHLATY’s range of ladies-only group travel packages, or to make a booking, contact the REHLATY by dnata Travel team on Instagram (@rehlatybydnata), call a dedicated Relationship Manager on 800-REHLA (73452), email rehlaty@dnata.com, or visit www.rehlaty.ae